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Crawler TRC428 Off-road Caravan trailer




Standard features

Tencate fabrics
Ceramic based high quality insulation coating
Zipped Shelves
Rear Door Flyscreen
ALKO Stabiliser
Dual Bicycle Carrier
90A Battery
Outside LED Lighting
Protection against Rocks: Aluminum Protection
Kitchen: Expandable Mini Kitchen
Stove windshield
Dining Table
Interior Flooring
Front and Ceiling Tent
Water Tank: 130 (LT) Chrome
Adjustable Led Indoor Light with remote control
Supply Cabinet (also accessible from inside)
Primary bed area: 198×187 cm
Secondary bed area: 187×65 and 102x158cm
Storage Lockers
Expandable pop-up roof system with windows
Expandable front pop-up tent with secondary bed area
Water level gauge
Control Panel (heaters controls and on/off switches)
Power outlets (4 USB and AC power)
Chrome door stoppers
External fuel bins
CR water filler cap
Retractable ledder/rear door
High lifting jack connection
Fixing stands with adjustable height
Electric panel cabinet
Rear LED lights
Independant suspension with double shock absorbers